Wednesday, April 5, 2017

How to Estimate time of your move? Morgantown, Uniontown, Fayette County, Greene County, 15401, 26508,

How many hours do I need?

Use the tables below to estimate the number of hours you will need.

Crew size

Sq. Ft.2 person3 person4 person
Under 8002 hrs2 hrsN/A
800-10002 hrs2 hrsN/A
1000-15003 hrs2-3 hrs2 hrs
1500-20004 hrs3-4 hrs2-3 hrs
2001-30006 hrs4-5 hrs3-4 hrs
3000-40006-8 hrs5-6 hrs4-5 hrs
4000+10+ hrs8-10 hrs6-8 hrs

Multiple locations drive time

If a Moving Helper needs to drive from your first location to your second location you will need to figure drive time into your requested hours.
10-40 miles1/2 hr
40-75 miles1-2 hrs
75-100 miles2-3 hrs

Carry distance to truck

The distance from your place to the rental truck factors into the time needed to complete the job.
Under 20 ft0 hrs
20-50 ft1/2 hr - 1 hr
50+ ft1-2 hrs


Add 1 hour per flight of stairs.

Moving Quotes, Mover Rates, Morgantown, Uniontown, Cheat Lake, CALU, Waynesburg

People call and ask for our rates.   Please click link to get moving rates  Prattz Moving Rates.  Do you need a moving quote? Click link to get moving Rates. #moving#movers Uniontown, Pennsylvania Cheat Lake Morgantown, West VirginiaCalifornia University of Pennsylvania California, Pennsylvania Brownsville, Pennsylvania Waynesburg, Pennsylvania  

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Need help moving? Uniontown, Cheat Lake, Brownsville, Morgantown, California, CALU, Movers, Moving Help,

It's almost time for moving season, reserve your spot while you can.  We load and unload u packs, penske trucks, uhaul trucks, pods, storage units, commercial, apartments and houses.  We will assemble and dissemble  beds, tables, etc.  We also will wrap furniture if requested.  We bring dollies and furniture pads(for local moves only). Our rates are $40 per hour per guy, with a $40 dollar travel fee (25 mile radius).  If you are further than 25 miles a fee based on arrival time will be added to your move .  Our zip code is 15461 if you would like to know our travel distance. We do not own trucks.  Our customers rent trucks or we rent them.  We are self service movers that provide moving labor.  Time starts when we arrive at your location.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Moving Season is Near #movers #moving #movers Morgantown Uniontown

If you are moving this Spring or Summer it time to start making reservations now.  We service Morgantown, Fayette County, Cheat Lake, and surrounding areas,  Our zip-code is 15461, we are self service movers we rent trucks we do not own them.   We do loading, unloading, packing, and unpacking. We also load pods, upacks, and trailers.   We are willing to travel.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Awesome House Warming Gift Idea's For Every Budget

Eventually, someone you know will move into a house  and this idea will come in very handy indeed when you want to come up with a house warming gift that is a little bit more meaningful and interesting than just handing over a pot plant.

There is an old Celtic tradition which involves the humble snail.

Now the snail carries its house on its back and so it is never homeless; but more, the spiral design of the snail shell was always very special to the Celtic people, so it makes perfect sense that any kind of snail makes the perfect house warming present.

To be warm, safe, snug and protected inside one's own home is a wonderful idea and the snail symbol, or the more abstract spiral, lends itself to all manner of wonderful house warming gifts.

You can make a card very easily by cutting out a spiral and affixing it with glue; any snail motif on a greeting card, or a picture of a snail drawn or cut out from another source will make the house warming card special.

Snails are very popular as ornaments, so you can get an enormous variety of all sizes of snail figurines, from small brass snails to large garden ornaments made from marble and they're all easily found, online and off.

An exotic snail shell, or the shell of a sea snail is an extension of this idea and particularly good for beach front properties.

As the basic snail/spiral shape is natural and easy, you can even just find a beautiful stone and paint a spiral on it for a superb and extremely personal and lovely house warming present; further, it is the type of gift that the recipients will treasure and keep, and that will remind them of you and your good wishes every time they see it.

There are many other ways in which the snail design can be used for house warming gifts. If you really need to give a pot plant, you can decorate the pot in which it comes with a spiral. Any budding artist can make and paint a basic snail from self hardening clay; snail and spiral mobiles are easy and always fascinating, too. You can make a small painting that can be hung in a hallway and depending on the recipient, grandchildren can get involved, just the same as famous interior designers, artists and goldsmiths - it only depends on your budget.

I think that the idea of the Celtic house warming snail is a wonderful way to convey good wishes to someone in their new home, and to give them your intention that they should always be snug, happy, well cared for and safe.